For Foreigners

Library visitors may use the computer equipment and access the Internet, use the newspaper reading room, peruse material in the library premises and attend events and library activities for free.

Loans of materials and use of the library’s e-resources is available only to members.

Library Tolmin

Tumov drevored 6, 5220 Tolmin

T: 05 381 15 38

G: 041 795 735


Opening hours

Mon., Tue., Wed., Fri.: 9.00–19.00
Thu.: 11.00–19.00
Sat.: 9.00–12.00

July and August:

Mon., Tue.: 13.00–20.00, Wed., Thu.: 8.00–15.00, Fri.: 13.00–20.00, Sat.: closed

Library Kobarid

Gregorčičeva 20

5222 Kobarid

T: 05 389 01 91


Opening hours

Mon., Fri.: 13.00–19.00, Wed.: 11.00–17.00, Tue., Thu.: 9.00–14.00

July and August:

Mon.: 13.00–19.00, Wed.: 11.00-17.00, Tue., Thu., Fri.: 8.00–13.00

Library Bovec

Ledina 6,

5230 Bovec

T: 05 388 60 30


Opening hours

Mon., Fri..: 13.00–19.00, Wed.: 11.00–17.00, Tue., Thu.: 9.00–14.00

July and August:

Mon.: 13.00–19.00, Wed.: 11.00-17.00, Tue., Thu., Fri.: 8.00–13.00

Mobile Library

Tumov drevored 6

5220 Tolmin

G: 041 774 630


Annual Schedule


To join the library you need to present a personal identification document and fill out the entry form, giving personal data that the library needs to keep records on loaned materials.

Membership for persons under 18 years old, for the unemployed and for members using the Mobile Library service is free. Others must settle the membership fee on joining.

Membership for 12 months
– persons over 18 years EUR 12
– students EUR 8
– pensioners EUR 8
– business entities EUR 20
Membership for 3 months EUR 4


Library members may borrow materials and remove them from the library only upon presenting their library cards.

Return dates

– books, maps, CD-ROMs: 28 days + extension of 28 days

– magazines, audio and video material: 7 days + extension of 7 days

‒ e-books: 14 days without the possibility of extension

– all material from the Mobile Library: 35 days + extension of 35 days

Extension options

– electronically via the My Library service

– in person at the library

No extension options

– for e-books

– if materials have been reserved

– after the 1st reminder in the record

– if the member has not settled financial obligations to the library that are more than a month old


Members may freely reserve or borrow materials:

– electronically via the My Library service

– in person at the library

– by telephone

Picking up reserved items

Reserved items will be held in the library where the reservation was made for 5 working days from the reservation or from receiving notice that the reserved item has arrived.



Library materials can be returned by any person at any library unit without the need for a library card.

If members fail to return materials on time, they must pay overdue fines.

The library will notify the member of the need to return materials with a written notice.

Overdue fines:

– for books, maps, CD-ROMs EUR 0.20/item/day
– for magazines, audio and video material EUR 0.30/item/day
– for material loaned from the Travelling Library EUR 0.30/item/due date
First reminder EUR 1
Second reminder EUR 1.50
Third reminder EUR 2.50
Fourth reminder EUR 5.00

Reminder costs are cumulative.


Loans from other libraries are charged (for books EUR 10/item).


Users may use the library’s computer equipment and access the internet with their own devices for free. Before using a computer, members must present their library card at the circulation desk; non-members must present a valid form of personal identification.


In the event of damaged library materials, members will be charged for the damage depending on the value of the material.

Members must replace destroyed or lost materials with equivalent replacements. If the materials cannot be replaced with equivalent materials, the member is bound to pay damages relative to the value of the materials and EUR 4/item processing costs for the materials.


The My Library service enables perusal, extension, reserving of materials and arranging notification, including notification of imminent due dates on loans and on the arrival of reserved materials.

Members can obtain the access password to the service in person at the library or via Cobiss+. My library service is also available as an Adroid or iOS app mCobiss.


To receive notifications of events and activities at the library, you can register on the website or in person at the library.